Friday, July 24, 2009

July is Crusin'....

Well here we are, already the 24th. Where does the time go?
This month has been a little like a roller coaster ride. At the beginning of the month my Nephew, Jaxon, came and spent the week with us. We had a blast. Of course Kanton loved having someone around all the time to hang out with. We did things like: swimming, shopping (for toys of course), rent movies, go out to eat and of course stay up way too late. After the first night Jaxon decided he wanted to sleep with Kanton in his bed. The boys both loved that!!!

Kanton had his MRI on the 15th and of course that was a little nerve racking, as you can tell from my last blog.
Kanton was such a trooper!!! It was hard for them to get his IV in, but once they did, he did awsome.
I am so very greatful for the small things that we've had to go through with Kanton. I cant imagine what it's like for those families out there with kids that have major issues. May God Bless them!!!
We actually got his results the very next day! I really like this Opthamologist!!! If anybody needs one his name is Dr. David Petersen. He called me and told me that all the development looks normal compared to his last MRI, he had one when he was 3 mo. old. So that the problem was not neurological, which is a very good thing!! He told me to keep patching his eye for about 3 hrs. a day and at our follow up next month we will have to talk about surgery. I'm relieved to know that its not neurological and that it can be fixed, but its still hard to hear that he needs surgery. I just keep telling myself that I am very lucky that they have the technology now days to be able to fix these issues. So we'll see what happens next month at the follow up...
I love you Kanton!!

The 4th and the 24th celebrations have been so fun for us this year. Kanton was still a little young last year to really enjoy what was going on, so it's been tons of fun watching Kanton get so excited when we tell him we're going to see fireworks.
I've been pretty surprised that the loud noises haven't bothered him much, I think he's finally starting to cope with things better than he use to.

This morning we took Kanton to the 'Days of 47 Parade'. Robs brother Mark came down from Cedar City and met us there, were so glad he could be there with us. Kanton had a hard time with all the bands, he covered his ears a lot, but other than that he did great.
We were lucky enough to be able to sit in the shade (thank you Mark) the whole time, so it was actually not too hot.
There were a couple floats with trains on them and of course you know Kanton, he's our train man, he was so excited to see them. I think those floats alone made the whole adventure to the parade worth while for him!!!

As for Rob and I we are celebrating our "5" year anniversary on the 30th. Some times it seems like there is no way it can be 5 years already, but other times it feels like we've been together forever, cause of all the things we've been through.
But I just wanted to let my dear sweet husband know, publically, how much I LOVE HIM!!! There is nobody I could imagine being with on this Journey through life with than him.
I look forward to many, many more years together and hopefully there are more ups than downs!!!
I love you Rob.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I cant believe its already July. Time sure flys!!!
Well, lets see....
About a month and a half ago I was at my Moms house visiting with her and my brother. We were sitting around the kitchen table chatting and the kids were running around playing. Kanton came to me and wanted something to eat. So I got him something and made him sit on a chair by me, hopefull to prevent a mess. So we continued on with the adult conversation, when all of a sudden my brother says to me, " does Kanton have a lazy eye?" Of course Im like, " WHY?" Then he had my Mom look at Kantons right eye and she responded with, " oh yah, Wow." So my brother procededs to tell me that Kantons right eye looks like its turning in. (looking in at his nose.) I tryed looking at it, but of course I couldn't get Kanton to sit still and look at me long enough to see it.
So my brother started asking him questions like, " what color is your shirt? What color is Mommys shirt? What color is Grammys shirt? He answered them all correctly. For those of you that don't know my brother is a FireFighter Paramedic. So my brother says, I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you start noticing other weird things, or if he starts acting like he cant see.
So I think nothing of it, Until a few weeks later.
Kanton had a sleep over at Grammy and Papas house and when we picked him up my Mom seemed very concerned about it. She said that he was really rubbing it all night and was really acting like it was bothering him and she could really notice it turning inward the more tired he got. So she recommended getting him in to the Dr.
So that same day I made him an appointment with his Pediatrician and of course couldn't get him in for a few weeks.
A few weeks come and go, we take him to his appointment. Which by the way I dread taking Kanton to the Dr.s cause he hates it SOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!! He just screams and crys the whole time.
So I had my Mom come, since she had seen his eye do this weird thing. (I still hadnt) And the Dr. notices it right away. So of course I feel horrible!! Like, why the heck have I not noticed this! Anyway, the Dr. had me stand right behind her while my Mom held Kanton. The Dr. shined a light in his right eye and there it was!!! I finally saw it.
The Dr. really looked at all angles at his eye and told us that she couldn't see anything abnormal but that we should get him into an Opthamologist.
So I made the appointment and that was a week away. Now the day comes for the Dr. appointment. We get there and Kanton starts freaking out as usual!!
A lady looks at him for a minute and trys to get him to tell her what the different pictures are and he did ok. Then a Guy comes in and does somethings with little tools; putting them in front of one eye, than the other, turning the lights off and on.
Then procededs to tell us that Kanton is not using his right eye at all. Of course my heart sank! He says that they need to dialate his eyes and then the Opthamologist with see him. The guy and Rob hold Kanton down and put the drops in his eye to dialate them and them were sent to the waiting room for the drops to take affect!!!
I was so hard for me to sit in that waiting room and not bawl my eyes out. I just started wondering, " Why?" This precious little guy has delt with so much already and now this. I said to my Mom, " Could one more bad thing happen to him?" My Mom being the wise women that she is, reminded me in a soft calm voice that "YOU KNEW!" At first I wasnt sure what she ment, so I said "What?" She reminded me that I always knew Id have a special child.
You see, I've known from a very young age that I would have a child with special needs. Of course I didnt know what kind of needs. But as time goes by we are learning.
So they call us back to see the Dr. and he does another exam. Of course Kanton is freaking out. I always new Kanton was a strong kid, but as I sat in the corner of that room in the dark, tears streaming down my face, watching my dear sweet husband, a nurse, the Dr. and my sweet Mom holding Kanton down so the Dr. could really look at his eyes, boy is my son STRONG!!!
When the Dr. was done with the exam my dear Mom took Kanton back out to the waiting room to relax and play with the toys. The Dr. informed us that Kanton can see just fine. But for some reason the muscles are pulling his eye inward. In the case that he is seeing fine, they dont know why the eye is doing this, So the Dr. tells us Kanton needs to have an MRI to make sure theres nothing weird going on.
In the mean time, we are to patch the good (left) eye to help strengthen the (right) eye he's not using.
So here we are present day. Kanton has his MRI on Wednesday, the 15th. So we are praying that everything is fould normal with that. I know that what ever happens will be Gods will. I have faith that this will only make Kanton stronger.
We love you bug!!!