Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I decided its been way too long since I blogged last.  Could be because our life has been a bit crazy!!
Im just going to dive right in..........

Kanton.... Where do we start??  He is doing so well academically!  He's learning to read, write, and add.  Its amazing how quickly he has picked it all up.  What an amazing kid!!
He is however struggling socially.  Around October Kanton started becoming aggressive to the other kids in the class, and being very deffiant.  Sadly it done nothing but get worse as the year as gone on.
So, I had a meeting with his teacher, the principle, and other counslers at the school to try to figure out a plan of action. Everything we had tried, and trust me whe tried a bunch of things, didnt work.  We all decided it was in Kantons best interest to be put into a class called a Learning Center.
In that class they focus on behavioral issues.  He would go to that class for the first half of the day and as long as he had behaved well he would go back to his kindergarten class for the last half of the day.
It has been quite an adjustment for him.  He has been doing this now for 3 weeks.
The mornings are the toughest part, cause he wants to be with all his little friends in Kindergarten.  But when we pick him up at the end of the day he's done very well.
So we feel this has been the best thing for him.
Along with the new class, Kanton has started some new therapy. Its called Cranio Sacrail Thearpy.  He's had  3 sessions and we have seen quite a change.
For those of you interested you'll have to google it. Its hard to explain what it is.
We are so proud of our sweet boy!!  This school year has been quite a struggle for him, but he is such a trooper. 
We love you Kanton!!

As for Rob and I, we've had a lot of ups and down but things are on the up and up!!
I love my sweet husband so very much!! I am extremely greatful for all the hard work at he does for us as a couple and a family. 
This life was never ment to be easy, but we both have learned and are still learning, that as long as we do our part and trust in the Lord we CAN get through the rough times!!

Well..... On Saturday we are VERY lucky to be able to take a family vacation!!! Our very first ever!!! We are SO excited!!!
We will be going to Disneyland, for a whole week!!!
I will be sure to take lots of pictures and do a big blog session when we get home.

Hope all is well in your world!!
Blog at ya Soon!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas catch-up....

so here we are the end of january already!! what??? i cant believe it's 2012!!
well i wanted to post some pictures from christmas, so i'm just going to let the pictures say it all. it was great for us and we hope you enjoyed yours as well!