Sunday, February 13, 2011


Since Kanton got his diagonses, back when he turned 3, we have been thinking about were he should go when he starts school. Of course we thought it would all depend on how he was doing congnativley, the progress he had made, and how he was doing socailly.
Through the autism community we learned that there was a charter school for kids with high functioning autism and aspergers, The Spectrum Acadamy. The cool thing about it was the school is in North Salt Lake, like 5 min. from our home. The sucky things are its by lottery only. Meaning you put your kids name on the list and the computer draws names at random. Plus, there is a gianormous list and only a few spots to fill.

After lots of prayer, last summer we decided we'd like to have him go there. We felt like it would be the best place for him with his anxiety, sensory, and transition issues.
So back in September when school started I went on line to put his name in for the lottery and the website wasnt working, so I drove down and filled out some info. and got his name in. At the beginning of the new year they would do the lottery and let the families know.

Two fridays ago some of my friends game me a little b-day get together. One of my good friends also has a daughter with autism and put her name in the lottery.
So as we were sitting there chatting she starts telling us her story about how she found out that her daughters name was drawn in the lottery, she was in.
So of course I was a little anxious myself to find out if Kantons name had been drawn.
It was really late when I got home and I had to be out to my parents the next day to go to a baby shower with my mom.

Saturday came and my mom, sis-in law and myself went to the shower. As soon as we got back to my parents place, I jumped on the computer.
I went to the website and at the very top it had a link for the lottery results of 2011 - 2012.
So I clicked the link.
It started out with a list of names of Kindergarten class, then the next grade and so forth....

So Im slowly going down the names for kindergateners, theres like 20, and what do I see..... 6 from the bottom it says..... KANTON. (how many kantons do you know and spelt the way it is)

WHAT??? WAS I REALLY SEEING THIS??? (holding my breath this whole time)
Then all of a sudden it sank in. I started screaming " HE'S IN, HE MADE IT, HE MADE IT!!!"
Then the tears came!!! I was in shock, I couldnt believe my eyes. I kept having to look at it to make sure I wasnt see things.

We are so excited for this awsome opportunity for Kanton! We have been so blessed to be able to have this special child in our lives. We are looking forward to an exciting new school year this fall.
So here we are only a few months until pre-school ends. It is so hard to believe that he will start Kindergarten this coming September. WOW!!!
It is crazy how fast littles one grow! And how fast you forget the little things they use to do.

So there ya have it. He made it, Kanton made it!!
hugs to you all.