Friday, May 20, 2011


Wow.... Time sure flys!
I cant believe its already been over 2 months since I posted last.
Life has been a bit crazy at our house the last little while.

Rob's been working lots of hours and is getting a bit burned out. He enjoys his job, but is having a really hard time with his supervisor. I'll just tell you - THE MAN SUCKS!!!!!
He expects so much from the people under him, yet he cant even do half of it himself. So frustrating!!

I have been busy doing the Mom thing. Getting Kanton to and from school and Dr. appointments, play dates , home programs, and trying to keep him (Rob and I as well) from going crazy from having to be inside cause of all the rain. So Fun!
School has been a big struggle for Kanton. His teachers and I have been trying to work with him on many different things to try and help, but we have not been very successful... Bumber!!!

Greatfully...... School is OVER!!! His last day was the 19th. Now time to find things to keep us
busy this summer. That in its self can be a chore. I sure love being a MOMMY.

Kanton is really doing great! He has made a ton of improvements. We have changed up some of the supplements that he's on and we will be changing another one here shortly. They seem to be doing wonders for him, even though they are expensive, its so worth it!
Since its the end of the year we had Kantons IEP meeting (Individualized Education Plan)
He is doing really well academically. His teacher feels he may need a little extra help with handwritting, other than that they feel he's where he should be.
His behavior, social skills and communication is still a big issue. He can talk and communicate real well, he just cant figure out how to use it appropriately.

We also had an assesment meeting at Spectrum Acadamy to see where he is at. The kindergarten teacher said that he is right where she thought he would be. I was a little concerned at first, but she was so good with him and made me feel so much better.
Can I just tell you, it was such an amazing experience for us. We all left there feeling so good about Kanton being able to go to school there. We know with all our hearts he is suppose to go there.
Now every day Kanton keeps asking to go back to his new school. What a sigh of relief, I was really nervous he wasnt going to like it since he's had such a hard time transitioning from special ed. to main stream. Hopefully he will still be that excited when school starts agian in the fall.

So there you have it our Update. Hopefully it wont be so long for me to update next time.