Saturday, January 24, 2009

Its been a few weeks since I posted last. Kanton has started going to a Social/Sensory Playgroup on Wednesday mornings and I am taking an adult Ed. class on Autism Spectrum Disorders on Fridays.

Kanton is doing amazingly well with the other kids in his play group, so Im very proud of the progress he is making with his social isssue. His Early Intervention group feel that he may have Sensory Integration Disorder. Basically its where all of his senses dont process normal, so everything is either way too loud, too bright, feels horrible or the opposite, not loud enough, not bright enough, cant really feel things. Its been pretty interesting to learn about.

Kanton had an evaluation with a behavioral specialist and she said that he has all the signs of Autism, but hes still a little young so she wants to re-evaluate him after he starts pre-school in April. So for now were just working with the sensory issues.

On another note. Rob and I went to the eye Dr. last week for a check up and of course I needed a new perscription and Guess What? Your right Rob is now wearing glasses. When he was trying on frames, it was so crazy cause a few of the pairs made him look just like his dad. I thought it was pretty crazy considering the fact that I've never met his dad and Rob cant really remember him that much. We have some pictures of his family just before his dad died and thats exactly what he looked like.

So out of all the Millers, to me Rob looks like his dad the most.

Well thats all for now......