Monday, December 27, 2010


What an amazing Christmas we had. It was so fun to go to our annual Mangum christmas eve party. Mangum is my mom maiden name, So the whole Mangum family goes to my Grammys and have a blast!!
We have dinner, go caroling on a hay ride, come back to the house for yummy desserts and then the MAN comes! Thats right Santa Clause comes. All the little ones sit on his lap and recieve gifts.
This year was so amazing! Kanton ran right up to Santa and was jumping up and down, he was so excited!! When it was his turn to sit on his lap, he went up all by himself and did great!!
This, so far, has been the best Christmas! Kanton was finally excited for the whole thing and was really understanding the concept of it all! We had so much fun!
Christmas time has always been a struggle for us. We usually live pay check to pay check, and now that we've started taking Kanton to a new Dr. its even worse.
We were very worried about the gift situation. But oh my, Kanton sure got more then his fare share of things this year.
We have been so extremely blessed with the ward that we live in and the friends we have, And of course our families.
We got SO much help for Kanton, we are so extremely GREATFUL!!
On Christmas Eve night, when we got home from the Mangum party, there were two big bags FULL of stuff, 1 Gift bag and a goodie plate left at our door.
Our hearts are extremely full! It is so hard to put into words the joy that we have and how Blessed we are to have people in our lives that are able to do things like that.
We hope you all had a super christmas day with all your loved ones.
We have one more party over new years, so we are looking forward to more Cheer!

Friday, December 17, 2010

WOW, were'd the TIME go??

So, I am just amazed at how fast the rest of this year is flyin' by. We have had quite a fun December so far.
We were able to get some of the lab results from the new Dr. that were taking Kanton to. So now we actullay know what is going on in his body.
Its really hard to explain, but basically the parts inside his body that makes you able to absorb the important nutrients and things from food, doesnt work.
That is why Kantons brain doesnt work properly. He's not getting the good stuff from food that makes us all function right.
That is also why he is SO DANG skinny and cant gain weight.
So starting Nove.22 the Dr. started Kanton on a bunch of supplements to help him with the absorption he needs. We backed off on 1 supplement that he had been taking since Sep. and added 4 more, one at a time. Then next month we will have to start giving him Vitiman B12 shots every 3 days for 2 months, then we'll reevaluate and go from there.
So Im not looking forward to giving him shots. In fact Im down right freakin' out about the whole thing. But OH WELL, Im willing to do what ever it takes.
I know that all this stuff in helping! Kanton is doing SO GOOD!! Hes like a new improved kid.
Plus I took him to the Dr. yesterday and he has gained 3 lbs since the 22nd of Nov. Kanton has weighed between 32 & 35 lbs for the past 2 1/2 years. We just may be able to hit 40 lbs by Kinderkarten next fall.

On to the fun stuff! (not really) We have all be so sick this past month. I was so sick for over a month, then Kanton got it and now Rob has come down with it! So fun!!
That is why I took Kanton to the Dr. yesterday. He just cant get better. Well he's on the verg of pnemonia AGAIN. SO NOT GOOD! The Dr. put him on a strong antibiotic and said we needed to watch him closley.
Please keep him in your prayers!

We are all looking forward to Christmas. Kanton is really understanding the concept this year, so we are excited!
Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and may the spirit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be a reminder of what this amazing time of year is for.
Hope you have Super New Year to Come!!
Love to you all!