Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day with Thomas....

Kanton and his Grammy waiting for a pic with

Kanton and Rob with Thomas.

Kanton waiting so patiently.

Kanton waiting for Thomas to come.

Kanton with his Grammy and Papa on the
train ride.

Since we moved to Bountiful Kanton has LOVED Thomas the tank engine. And for those of you that know Trains is his thing!! And some times his only thing. :0)

So every since then we've wanted to take him to the Day out with Thomas at the Heber Creeper.

Well over Memorial Day weekend we finally did it!! We bought tickets back in April and decided to keep it a secret from him.

So We woke up early and went to Grammy and Papas, they went with us. After getting there, we told him that we were going to take a drive to the mountains. He thought that was a great idea.

So we piled into Grammys car and headed to Heber. We brough out portable DVD player so Kanton could watch a movie while we drove there, a Thomas movie of course has to get him in the mood.

As we were pulling into the parking lot Kanton saw Thomas and was SO excited!

Kanton had a super fun day, ok we did too. I was so proud of him, he did awesome!! You see Kanton has a hard time with big groups of people and when he gets too excited it usually end up in a melt down. He did great all day.

I know it was a dream come true for Him. We hope to do it again next year.

Hope you enjoyed the pics!