Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Fun

this summer has flown by so fast! we had lots of fun this year. we didnt go any where amazing, but we were able to come up with lots of activities to keep us busy.
we did a lot of picnics at the park, its one of kanton favorite things to do. we took a few photo shoots at the temples and joseph smith memorial building. the end of july rob and i celebrated our 7 year anniversary. we were able to go to a free concert and just have a night evening together.
this past weekend kanton and i were able to go to the annual sahara cares autism carnival. this is our 3rd year going. kanton always has so much fun and i get lots of information.
kanton was able to play with is cousin nattie mae a couple time when they came for a visit. they sure have lots of fun together.
so here you have it in pictures, hope you enjoyed it!