Sunday, August 28, 2011


Holy cow! I can not believe that kanton started kindergarten, august 22nd! It is beyond me that I no longer have a baby, I now have a big boy!

so this past week has been quite the adventure. most kindergarten only go to school for half a day. well kanton is going to a charter school for kids with high functioning autism and aspergers and they has all day kindergarten! thats right all day!!

we found out in the spring that he would be attending this school and we were so extremely excited and felt so blessed! as summer break drew to an end and the day that school was to start drew closer and closer i slowly started to get more and more nervous!! lets just saw that the week before school started, i was a mess!!

i know this is the school kanton is suppose to be going to and i know that this is the best thing for him. but i know the different things he struggles with on a daily basis and my heart aches for him because of the challenges i know is will have to face!

as a mother you hate to watch your child suffer!! but, as i have learned in my few short years of parenting, you cant fix everything!! (as much as you want too!)

so the sunday before started we went to my parents so my dad and rob could give kanton and myself a blessing. i am so extremely greatful for the blessing of the priesthood in our lives!!

monday came and ready or not its time to take my baby boy to school!!

i was so proud of my boy!! i walked him into his classroom. i could tell he was nervous, but he didnt cry or even cling to me when i left!

as i walked from the school to my car, i had never felt so alone as i did at that moment!! i didnt have my sweet little shadow toddling beside me holding my hand. as the day went on i realized how lonely i was, all day and how much love i have for my sweet little miracle man.

there were only a few minor hic-ups, but over all the first week of school was a success!!

somethings are going to take some getting use too, but thats normal. somethings may always be a challenge, but i am so greatful for where kanton is in his life! hes a dang good kid, he makes us laugh and he loves us and thats all i could ever hope for!!

i thank my heavenly father everyday for this sweet boy and for all that he has taught me and continues to teach me, everyday!!

we love you kanton and have an awesome kindergarten year!!