Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fathers Salute..

I just wanted to write a little before Fathers Day, cause I know it will probably be next month when I get back.
I just wanted to Thank my sweet Dad for always being there for me and my family. My dad is one of those guys that would do what ever he can for you as long as it is within his means.
The first song on my play list a for him. When I was a little girl he would always sing cute little songs to me and this one is my favorite.
Thank you DAD for always making me feel like a princess.

As for Rob, I am so extremely greatful for you!!! Kanton is so lucky to have you in his life. I love watching the two of you playing and having fun either in the house or out in the yard, (fixing the lawn mower) I look forward to many more years with you. I also look forward to watching your and Kantons relationship grow!!!

Happy Fathers Day.

Summer time....

Its been a fun summer already. We were finally able to plant our garden. It has been exciting to see the progress the plants make. We are sure looking forward to eating from it this year, we planted a lot more than we did last year...
Well we decided to talk Kanton to Lagoon! We were a little nervious that he would have a hard time, but to our surprise he absolutley loved it!!!! I was shocked at how well he did. He loved going on all the rides for the little one, ALL BY HIMSELF!!! He only got scard 1 time and it didnt last long. He even went on the Tidalwave with Rob and I, that was a big shocker too!! We had a fun time, it has been years since both Rob or I had been there, I cant believe how much things had changed.

The following day a really good friend of mine called to see if we wanted to go up to Millcreek Canyon for a weenie roast. We sure had tons of fun. Its nice to have good friends to go and do things with. Our friends have two little boys. There oldest went to pre-school with Kanton.(thats how we met) Kanton sure loves to play with those cute little guys. There little boy is also on the spectrum, so its so good to be with people that understand just what were going through...We had a blast and hope to do it more often. Thanks for the invite Christina!!!

Last but not least, Kanton had a eye Dr. apt. to see how things are going with his eye. The surgery last year seems (so far) to be a success. The only problem is he is still not using his eye, so unfortunatly we have to start patching again. Its been pretty hard for him to get use to, but we have been trying to keep him side tracked while he is wearing it. He only has to wear it for two hours a day, thats not bad. We have follow up in August to see how things are going. So wish us luck on patching for the next two months.

Hope you all have enjoyed your summer so far.... Hopefully Ill have lots more to post in the future!!