Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3 Event Update...

So Kanton started school September 8th. He did AWSOME!!! I was so amazed at how well he did. He was so excited to start and meet all new friends. He has the same teacher and 2 of the same aides. Other than that nobody is the same, ever the kids. His teacher was so thrilled with the progress he has made that we've decided to try and transition his to mainstreem pre-school two days a week and then stay in the special Ed. program the other two days a week, so he will still have the 4 days a week. I was so excited when his teacher recommended that to me. I am so proud of Kanton and all that he has done this past year!

In my last post I had mentioned that we were taking Kanton to a new Dr. This Dr. is amazing. His knowledge of things really thrills me. So we talked with Dr. Humphreys for almost 2 hours, explaining averything about Kanton, starting from birth until now. Its always so emotional for me to think back over the past 4 years. Starting with the issues Kanton and I both had at delivery and right after he was born all the way to now. The emotions I feel arent all bad, there are many good ones too.
I am so extremely greatful for Kanton and the sweet spirit that he has brought to our home. He has taught me so many things, not only about being a mother of a special needs child, but also about myself and my relationship with other, especially my husband. I look forward to many, many more years of learning and growth.
Ok, so back to the Dr. visit. The Dr. decided that he wanted to do a stomach x-ray, blood work and a pee test. In the mean time he started Kanton on fish oil and magnesium citrate. We have already seen an improvment in his behavior. So we are looking forward to what the Dr. has to say after he gets the results from the different test. I'll be sure to update on that....

Now for the Autism Carnival!! Kanton Had so much fun. Doing all of the relays and playing on all of the bounce houses.

Of course We all love the free lunch that we get. Hotdogs, chips, apples, cookies, Creamies and a drink. Cant beat that for free!!

Kanton is starting to get interested in sports. It really cool to watch him try to hit the balls and to catch them when thrown to him. I look forward to the time we will sign him up on his own team.

At the carnival they have a scavenger hunt for all the kids. Kanton loved looking for all of the things scattered all over then ground. He was so proud to show me all the things he had found.
So as you can tell the Autism Carnival was success!!! We are already looking forward to next years.
So there you have it, all the updates from the last post. I'll be sure to keep ya posted on the test results and what the Dr. decides and also what happens with pre-school.
Love to you all!!!