Friday, August 28, 2009

Time to play Catch Up......

This picture was taken just a couple days after his eye surgery. He is such a trooper!!!

This is Kanton at our Mangum family reunion at the beginning of the month. He had lots of fun with this silly game. (Im not even sure what its called.)

Even though things can be pretty tough for Kanton he is such a joy to have around.

This is the most recent picture of Kanton. He love to play with the Vaccuum. Hopefully he'll stay that way as he gets older and end up being a great helper!!! As you can see his eye is healing really well...

This is Kanton at his Birthday Party at the Train Museum in Ogden. We thought he'd just love that. Isn't he the cutest train conductor you've ever seen.

So.... I thought Id start out with some pictures of Kanton since it's been so long since I've posted any. He is growing like a weed I tell ya....

Yes it has been a pretty crazy month! At the beginning of the month I had my nephew Jace come stay with us for a week. We had tons of fun while he was here. That week the kids upstairs from us were home, so Jace always had someone to play with . On Friday of that week we went camping on at Cherry Hill. It was a blast. Rob took Kanton down one of the water slides and he LOVED it!! He still talks about going underwater to this day. The next day was Saturday, of course, and we pack up our stuff and had a family reuion in Riverton we had to be at, for my Moms side of the family.

The reunion was alot of fun. It was a Hawaii'n theme party, so we got us all fun shirts to wear from the DI.(I love that place!!!) We had awsome food and played tons of games and just got to visit with all the Mangum family. We love you guys and wish we could all get together more often!!!

Then as the month went on Kanton had an eye Dr. apt. to figure out what we were going to do about his silly eye situation. So we went to his apt. on Friday, the 14th and decided to do surgery on the 19th. So things moved pretty fast. It was a little scarry, but we new it was the right thing to do. We decided to do it so fast because Kanton starts school again on the 9th of Septemeber, so we were hopeing to get it done and healed before then so we wouldnt have to take him out of school for it.

Well, before we new it the 19th was here and it was time for the surgery.

We had to be at up to Primary Childrens Hospital by 10:30 am and the surgery was set for 12, noon. He did such a great job!! I really thought it was going to be alot worse than it was. But I guess thats a worring Mother for ya.

The surgery was was Out patient so we got to take him home around 4 or 5. (cant remember)

He did AWSOME!! He was a little restless the 2nd night, but other than that he's been a real trooper.

We had a 1 week check up yesterday, the Dr. said every thing is looking so good, he may not even have to be patched when he's all done healing. So we have another follow up a month from now, so we'll see what happens then.

Since the surgery, Kanton has regressed a little bit with his temperment and social skills, but they say thats pretty typical for kids with Autism to do that went they have something tramatic happen in there lives.

So I'll tell ya, right now I am SO SO SO SO looking forward to his school starting back up. The few short weeks that he got back in the spring really helped him a lot. So it will be nice to get him back into a structured program agian.

I just need to be patient and not kill him for just a little over a week. I think I can do that!!! I THINK.....