Thursday, December 22, 2011

Family Pics 2011

So its been a while since we got family pictures taken! When we went to Cedar City to visit Robs family we had pics done of the WHOLE Miller family, it was sure a fun adventure.
I thought I'd share one of our cute family.
Hope ya like.
Happy Holidays!!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011


as well i guess its been way too long since i blogged last, before the holidays started. so i guess id better play catch up.

we had a fun halloween, and kanton got tons of candy!!
kanton has taken an interest in the transformers, so that what he was this year. he was the cutest "bumble bee"the transformer i had ever seen.
he did great this year! i could even hear him yelling trick or treat from the side walk, while rob took him to the doors. i love experiencing the growth that he makes every year.

as for thanksgiving, we were able to celebrate it at my parents house. it was so much fun!! both of my sisters and there families, except 1 bro-in law, were there. my grammy was even able to join us. its not very often that my whole family gets to enjoy a holiday together. the adults were able to sit around visiting and playing games. its been so long since i have laughed so hard. all the kids were able to hang out and play games and of course cause mischief. :o) the picture is of my grammy and all her great grand kids, that are my nieces and nephews and of course kanton.
it was sure an awesome weekend full of fun , family €and love!

as for christmas, well its just over a week away and were not ready, but really is anyone ever ready?
weve decorated and put up the tree. i love to sit with the lights off looking at the pretty decorated tree, listening to christmas music. its something ive done since i was a kid and now kanton like to turn off the lights and just play on the floor by the light of the tree.

we were able to take a trip to cedar city to visit with robs family and to celebrate robs moms birthday. rob and kanton really enjoyed them selves, so im glad we were able to go.
we were able to experience our first school christmas program last night. kanton didnt do the best, but he did do better than i thought he would. all the kindergarten classes wore antelers and some got there nose painted red and they sang rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
as for the rest of the holiday season, you'll have to wait and see....

happy holidays to you all and i pray we all may remember the true meaning of christmas.