Thursday, November 18, 2010

Picture updates...

Just wanted to post some pics to show you all how much fun we have been having....

On Sunday the 14th, Rob decided to do some raking in our back yard. We have 1 HUGE tree. All the leaves that you see in the next few pics has come from that tree.
This is Kanton and some of his friends that live upstairs. They all had such a blast!!

Rob and Kanton had so much fun! I love watching them play together!!

Of course I couldnt resist!! I always loved playin' in the leaves when I was a kid. So now that Kanton loves playin' in them, it gives me a chance to make more awsome memories playin' in the leaves.

Like Father Like Son!!

Rob just couldnt resist diving into the leafs.

This pic just kills me. Our back yard slopes down quit a bit, so Rob just had to push Kanton on his bike into the pile. Just look at Kanton!! The best time of his life!

I also LOVE pic. After MANY tries I finally got one where Kanon is airborn!!

Kanton just loves to be outside. He's always finding something fun to do. This paticular day, some how Kanton and I got locked out of the house. So I decided to take some pics.
(Rob was home teaching, so luckely we didnt have to be out too long.)

This year for Halloween Rob and I decided to dress up. Kanton sure had a good time.

We went out to my parents house so Kanton to trick or treat. Grammy and Papa sure loved the surprized to see all of us dressed for a night of fun.

Kanton had to get some dental work done. He always has such a hard time just going to the office, so the Dentist decided they should put him out to do the work, the cleaning, and take x-rays.

They let him watch a movie while we were waiting for the Dentist to take him to O.R.
He did better than I thought he would. Of course when they took him back he screamed like crazy, that was really hard to hear and just walk away. It was a pretty awful day.
The next day it was like nothing ever happend.

Can you believe how BIG Kanton is getting. I dont have a little baby any more. I was like all of a sudden over night, I have a big boy!

Kanton has a really good friend from his last years class at school named Jordan. Jordan and a year older so he went on to Kindergarten when school started back up in Sep.
Jordan and His mom invited us to come the a Halloween Carnival at Jordans school.
In this pic were waiting in line to play one of the games.

This is Kanton and his cousin Nattie Mae in our front yard. Back in October my sister that lives in Idaho came to visit.
Kanton and Nattie have lots of fun together. Kanton is 4 and Nattie 3. Its nice for him to be able to play with her. The next cousin in the line (age) will be 9 next month, so its a little hard to play with the rest of the cousins.
We love our Nattie mae. Shes so good for Kanton. She is such a WHIPPER SNAPPER and such a smarty. I really feel she helps Kanton come out of himself we were all together, you see one of his issues is being aroung lots of people.
Cant wait to see you for the Holidays!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


This past week has been pretty evenful.
We got a letter last week from Davis School District informing us that they have reviewed Kantons file and they approve the request for a change. Kanton is MOVING on!!! We are so excited! He has made so much progress and is learning so much. They have decided he no longer needs to be in the special ed. program. This is a day we have been waiting for since he got his Autism diagnoses.
We had a meeting this week and he will now be attending Orchard Elementary in Bountiful. This will truely be such a blessing for me. He was attending Centerville Elementary. So I would drop him off and have to figure out something to do for 2 1/2 hours. It was just to costley to drive back and forth, so I spent the time there in Centerville, usually at the library.
His new school is just a couple streets away from our house. Now I will be able to get so much more done.
Friday was his last day. His teachers and the moms of the other kids were so sweet. They gave Kanton a little certificate and had cookies and a cute card that said Congradulations.
Monday he has an Eye appt. so he wont be going to school, so Tuesday will be his first day at his new school with his new class. He will continue to go 4 days a week from 9 - 11:30 am.
Thing are going to be very different from the other class, so Im really nervious for him.
One of the major issues Kanton has is he doesnt deal with change very well. He gets anxious and stressed out very easy. Im hoping it wont take too long for him to adjust.
We are so pround of Kanton!! We want nothing but the best for him.
Keep up the great work Pumpkin and keep MOVING ON!!
Mommy and Daddy love you!!
I'll post again soon to let ya'll know how things turn out!