Friday, February 5, 2010

Apointment Crazy....

Ok... So I know I have been slacking on my blogging, but its been a little crazy since Christmas.
Trying to get Kanton back to school and back to his normal routine after the long Christmas break has been a little bit of a fight. And of course now with the changes at church for the new year. It's been really fun around our house.
We have all had Dr. apointments this past week and Rob is doing good. However, he is having some sleep issues, so he has to get a sleep test done in a couple weeks.
As for Kanton, we had to take him to a new eye Dr. cause of our insurance changing, AGAIN!!! The Dr. was up at Primarys so I felt pretty good about that. They were all really good with him and very patient. The eye surgery that he had in August was a success, so Im very pleased with that. The Dr. did say that young kids that have had this eye surgery do better with glasses, so fun for us.... Kanton now has to have glasses. I'll post a pic. as soon as he gets them.
As for me, I've had a few different apointments. I had to have an ultra sound of my tummy today, to I'll know something next week on that. And next friday I get to have an Endoscopy.
What joys we all have...
I'll try to remember to post all of the results from ALL the Dr. apt.
Hope all is good with everyone and we love ya...