Thursday, May 13, 2010

Since Mothers Day was last sunday I thought Id blog a little about my day.
First off, Rob came to me last Friday and asked me if I had any plans to go anywhere on Saturday. Well, I did! I was going to go to a boutique with one of my friends, but she got sick. So I thought I would take Kanton out to see his Papa. (they are best buds)
But Rob says to me " I need you home between 10 & 2. So I decided to just stay home.
Saturday comes and it was nice for Kanton that we stayed home cause he was able to play with the kids from up stairs.
So NOTHING happened between 10 & 2. Rob got home a little after 2 and like I said NOTHING.
So He went to make a phone call. We decided to go shopping for veggies to plant in our garden. Around 6pm Rob gets a call, he was pretty sneaky about it. Then he told me that when we get home we need to go up stairs.
When we got home I went downs to our place and pretty soon here comes Kanton and Rob with FLOWERS and Kanton yelling " Happy Birthday -- I said WHAT??" Then Rob whispered something in his ear and then he yelled " Happy Mothers Day!!!" It was way too cute.
The flowers were beautiful. My favorite flower is a Gerber Daisy. For those of you that dont know what that is, its the big daisy that always comes in bright vibrant colors.
So thats what my flowers were... I LOVED THEM!!
As for Sunday not only was it Mothers Day, it was also my moms birthday. So I had my Mom and Dad to our house for dinner.
It was sure nice to have them out for a visit. Our place it pretty small, so its not often we have dinner guests.
Kanton was so excited to give his Grammy her birthday and mothers day gifts. It is a lot of fun to be able to see the joy in his eyes when he gets to do things hes excited for.

Well Kanton only has one more week of school, then were out for summer break. I am sure looking forward to it. Kanton is getting harder and harder everyday!! Its pretty bad when a 4 year old tells you he doesnt want to go to school. So I think it is going to be a relief for him to not have to go for a while.
But I will tell you one thing, I am going to miss my ALONE time. Its been nice to have 2 hours everyday to myself. I am also going to miss all the moms of the kids in his class. All of the kids but 1 are moving on to kindergarten. I have made some really good friendships with these special ladies, and learned a ton from them all. Hopefully we can stay in touch.
Rob and I are trying to figure out something for Kanton to do this summer. He took swim lessons back before he got sick and he keeps asking to do it again, so were thinking about that. We are also looking at a tumbling class. He gets to go to a free class tonight, so we will have to see how he likes it. Then we will decide.
Hope to up date you SOONER than later..... TOOTALS