Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not Six More Weeks!!!!

Ok, so I am very much ready for Spring!!! I am sick of the snow and the cold weather. Im ready for Kanton to be able to run and play outside without having to worry about him getting too cold or playing in the mud.
Spring has always been my favorite season. I love to see all the new life growing and the smell of all the flowers, especially the LILACS!!!
I hate it when Feb. 2nd comes around and they tell us there are six more weeks of winter. Oh well, what can I do. Hopefully the weather wont get too bad between now and then.

Ok, on to a new subject. So, this Saturday my life is changing!! Ok, not too much but, it's so crazy to me that I will be turning 30!!! WOW! I feel like I've been in my twenties forever, never thought this day would come. I guess we all have it happen sooner or later.
Just to clearify, Im not feeling bad for myself or anything like that, it's just hard to believe.
I look forward to a new decade of Thirties with Hope, Courage, faith and a relization that life doesnt always go as planned. So I have a goal to put my life COMPLETELY in the hands of the Lord, so what ever he throws my way I will look at it with a new prespective and appreiciation, and hope that I will learn something new.....